Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pretty pretty springtime

in honor of spring i wore a dress today...i felt so cute...the warm, spring weather may have helped too.

dress: XX1
tights: target
shoes: urban outfitters
sweater: some dept store..
i've had it for years

soo i got these pens sometime last week...seemed like a good idea at the time: making my notes colorful to keep me awake in class and not look so boring

but what ended up happening was this:

my doodles now come in pretty colors!! these are my notes from my renaissance artists class..so sad

in other news, had a fun time talking with new boy today...he laughed at my jokes again...and mentioned my doodles. sitting next to him was torture! ..stupid crush.

i wish i didn't have to wait to know whether or not he's interested or actually VERBALLY let on that i'm into him...too bad i can't just spray a tree or something like animals...that would make things so so much easier. idk we shall see..he's just so cute!!

ok i'm done for real. 7day countdown until san diego. can't freakin wait.


Sheree said...

Hi! I just recently came across your blog...your posts are really funny and I enjoy how refreshing your openess about your life is...I always read something that gets me thinking, lol. Just thought I'd drop by and let you know that I enjoy your blog!

BTW, that dress is adorable!

Take care!

sydney with a y said...

thanks for the comment, i really appreciate it!! :)