Saturday, March 13, 2010


so ever since ex-lovah and i became friends years back, i've always been kinda freaked out over his perfect timing when it comes to calls/texts..for instance during the summer we got really close we would IM each other everyday. then one day he asked me for my number. the first time he called me, i had just gotten off work, was walking to the car and just so happened to take my phone out of my purse and there's his name on my caller's been like that ever since. so f-ing weird!!

ok so that long ass, pointless story was a setup for what happened earlier today. ex lovah and i don't talk on the phone very much. 90% of our communication is texting/fb/emails. as a result there are times where i forget what his voice sounds like (i know that sounds super weird...even weirder when i write it out) so today i was falling asleep about to nap and that thought crossed my mind. I tried to play back our last phone dice.
i'm not sure how long it was until after i fell asleep that i heard my phone ring (mj's pyt..i have to get tired of it lol) i thought i was dreaming at first when i saw it was him. we didn't talk for long, which was fine with me, he just needed me to look up something for him...

i'll admit it was nice hearing his voice...

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