Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i don't even know

i want to make it known that last night i honestly had every intention of going to my american art & culture class today i really did.

then i woke up when my alarm went off at 11..went back to sleep.

reluctantly got up when i woke up the second time and i saw that it was after 1.

i decided that i would skip class to work on my rococo paper.

5 minutes ago i realized today may be one of those lay in bed all day days....especially considering the rough night i had..

too bad i don't have the food network..

at least the weather's not that great outside so it's not like i'm missing anything...and i do need to finish jean toomer's "cane" because lord knows when i checked it out..

*le sigh*

side note: got a bloody nose when i woke up and it dripped on my white & purple big fat greek wedding was right, windex does get rid of everything. (i'm going to real wash them of course...windex and some bleach scrub are the only cleaning products i have besides soap, water and a sponge...yes i fail in the cleaning products department i'd like to blame it on the fact that i live in a dorm at a school that provides a cleaning service))

guess i'll just read in bed and browse itunes radio.

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